Brooke & Jeffery Videos

Jose & Brooke Play Charades

Watch Jose and Brooke try to play Charades. They are way better at this than you would believe.

I Love Mom – Jackson Street Tattoo Contest Winner

Rob calls up Dustin to let him know he won a “I Love Mom” from Jackson Street Tattoo, and a $200 gift certificate for his Mom to get a tattoo! Dustin’s story is a good one, and his Mom deserves her tattoo for working so hard to help her children.

Sutherlin FFA @ i101

Sutherlin FFA visits i101 to talk about their annual plant sale starting this weekend!
Second Date

Second Date: Penny & Christian (Pyramid Schemin’)

Penny ran into an old friend from middle school, but he didn’t remember her! Penny thought he was cute though so she let it slide and they went out on a date. While they were on a date another one of Penny’s friends spotted her and interrupted her date, and she thinks that may have…
Awkward Tuesday

Textual Healing: Mom’s Too Loud

There are some things that you never want to talk to your mother about. Unfortunately one of our listeners needs to talk to his mom about being to loud when she comes over to visit with her boyfriend. You know where this is going…